Instant Lottery Tickets – How to Make Money Buying Instant Lottery Tickets

Buying instant lottery tickets can be a fun way to earn some extra cash. However, you must remember that the chances of winning are slim. You can increase the chances of winning by choosing a lottery game that has a bigger payout.


Ticket discounting is an illegal activity in several states. The practice involves buying a ticket at a discount and then submitting a claim for the full amount. The discounter pockets the difference between the ticket’s price and the prize’s value. This is an illegal method for avoiding taxes and child support, and allows criminals and illegal aliens to make money off the lottery’s public funds.

The New Jersey Lottery prohibits ticket discounting. The law also provides for fines of up to $10,000 per ticket. New Jersey retailers who violate the lottery’s discounting policy risk having their licenses suspended or revoked. In addition, ticket discounters are considered to be a threat to the integrity of the lottery’s intrastate commerce.

New Jersey lottery officials are investigating the practices of ticket discounters. The Press shared a list of retailers with the lottery. The list included several stores that have cashed in more than $20,000 in lottery prizes. The Press also reviewed 455,000 winning claims. It discovered that the average civil penalty for ticket discounting cases was less than $5700. Several retailers who have been found guilty of ticket discounting have been suspended for more than one year.

The New Jersey Lottery is also investigating several retailers who have allegedly been reselling winning tickets to make money. The list includes the owner of a Long Branch grocery store and his son, as well as a store owner in Brick and his son. The owner of a Monmouth County supermarket also was found to be a ticket discounter.

In addition, the Lottery’s security unit has seized two ticket discounters’ inventory, and a number of tickets were confiscated. In the past three years, the Lottery has investigated 41 ticket discounting cases, and 31 have been resolved. During an audit period, lottery officials disciplined 13 retailers.

Tickets discounting is an illegal activity, but it is also a lucrative one. The practice is prevalent across the country. It is common for criminals and illegal aliens to use ticket discounting to avoid paying taxes and child support, as well as launder dirty money. However, lottery insiders are not likely to engage in the practice.

Legality of selling after top prizes have been claimed

During an investigation by the Tribune, the Illinois Lottery was found to be continuing to sell instant games after top prizes had been claimed. The fine print in the lottery’s contract allows for this practice, and the lottery defended the practice by pointing out that there are other prizes available to win. However, there is a bill in the Illinois legislature that would make the state law prohibit the sale of instant tickets after top prizes have been claimed. That bill was introduced by Senator Steve Stadelman. This bill would require the lottery to provide a daily update on the top prizes, and would require it to stop selling instant games after all top prizes are claimed.

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