How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat Fast

There are many ways to soothe a sore throat. Some of these remedies include drinking warm or cold liquids. Using liquids can help to clear mucous membranes and keep things flowing, and it can also help prevent sinus infections. Warm liquids also soothe the back of the throat. If you cannot tolerate hot liquids, you can also gargle with a solution of baking soda and salt.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can soothe a sore throat by killing bacteria in your throat. You can also gargle with it. Just add about 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water, and gargle for about two minutes. You can also add honey to it. Its antibacterial properties and vitamin C content can help soothe inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar contains inulin, a prebiotic that boosts immunity by increasing white blood cells. It also works as an expectorant, helping to loosen phlegm and ease breathing. Additionally, it has antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it ideal for curing a sore throat.

Drinking apple cider vinegar is another effective remedy for a sore throat. Its antibacterial properties fight infection and break up mucus in your throat. You can drink the solution as a tea, but be sure to drink plenty of water while gargling.

A sore throat can be caused by many different things. While viral infections are the most common cause, bacterial infections, environmental irritants, and digestive issues can also cause a sore throat. Here are some home remedies to help soothe your throat and cure your sore throat fast.


Honey is known for its soothing properties and is often used to help ease a sore throat. It can be taken once or twice a day. The best time to take it is right after breakfast or right before bed. You can also add some honey to a warm cup of tea for added relief. Raw honey is particularly good for the throat because it contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help to fight against infections. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not safe for children and infants.

Honey is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It is also known to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by a sore throat. Although its medicinal benefits are not scientifically proven, they are believed to be due to the antimicrobial and wound-healing properties of honey. Moreover, the use of honey for cough has been recommended by the National Institute of Health (NICE).

Another natural remedy for a sore throat is saltwater gargle. This helps kill bacteria and loosen mucus. You can do this twice daily until your sore throat disappears. Likewise, honey also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is a great way to help you recover fast from a sore throat. Honey can also be mixed with tea or warm water. Manuka honey has the highest concentration of antibacterial properties but can be expensive.


Gargling with warm water and salt is an effective treatment for a sore throat. The salt helps to loosen mucous and flush out irritants from the throat. It also helps soothe the back of the throat. Try both warm and cold liquids to see which works best for you. Gargling with a solution of baking soda and salt is also helpful in soothing a sore throat.

Another herbal remedy is turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be added to a salt water gargle or used in tea. Turmeric can also be mixed with honey to soothe inflamed throat tissue. Gargling with these herbs can help relieve sore throat symptoms and boost the immune system.

Gargling with a solution of 1 teaspoon of salt with four to eight ounces of water is another alternative. Salt helps kill bacteria and reduce throat inflammation by submerging cells. Lemon water is also effective, as it contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which lubricate the mucous membranes and soothe the throat.

Gargling is also effective in alleviating the pain and swelling in a sore throat. Gargling salt water with a drop of essential oils, such as eucalyptus or peppermint oil, can help reduce discomfort and swelling. Gargling should be done once an hour, while your head is tilted slightly upwards. If gargling does not relieve the pain, you should consult a medical professional.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a traditional remedy for sore throats and other respiratory ailments. It contains healthy fats, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that can help the immune system fight infections. It also helps to thin mucus and reduce nasal congestion. Lastly, chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe the throat.

A healthy diet is essential to your immune system. In addition to chicken soup, you can try other foods rich in fatty acids that will help break up the mucus. Flax seeds, fish, and olive oil are all excellent sources of fatty acids. You should also drink plenty of water and broth to keep your body hydrated. If you’re looking for an additional treatment, you can try honey, which has high viscosity and can help fight off infections. However, remember that honey is high in sugar and should only be used in moderation.

When cooking chicken soup, make sure to use plenty of spices and vegetables. This will increase the amount of cysteine and help your body rid itself of the cold virus. Also, chicken is rich in potassium, which is particularly helpful when your body is dehydrated. You can also add parsnips and carrots to your soup.

Inhaling steam

Steam inhalation can be a natural way to soothe sore throats. The hot steam can help loosen mucus, which will relieve pressure and allow you to breathe easily. However, you should use caution when using steam inhalers. They may burn you or make your skin more sensitive. To minimize the risks, keep a towel or cloth over your head while using the device. Also, be sure to keep your eyes closed when inhaling steam.

Aside from being a natural remedy, steam inhalation is also an excellent way to relieve other symptoms, such as a stuffy nose. This condition is often the result of inflammation in the blood vessels of the sinuses. Inhaling the steam will help clean the mucus and reduce inflammation while stimulating the immune system to fight infection. However, it is best to consult your doctor before using this method. The doctor will be able to prescribe the number of times and duration that you should inhale the steam.

Aside from using a steam inhaler, you can also use lemon and honey tea to soothe your throat and reduce your coughs. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps get rid of bacteria that form mucus. Also, gargling with salt water can help clear the mucus in the respiratory tract. The use of eucalyptus oil can help loosen phlegm.


A sore throat is often caused by a virus, which is treatable with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. It will typically go away in three to seven days with proper care. You can also treat it with acetaminophen, which is safer and is also an effective throat remedy, though you should avoid it if you have liver problems. It is also important to note that aspirin should not be taken for sore throats, as it tends to cause more side effects. It is also not appropriate for children and is dangerous for people with certain health conditions.

Although ibuprofen is a common over-the-counter pain reliever, some people have reported that it may not be suitable for kids. It can cause kidney problems and has been linked to liver damage. In such a case, you should consult with your health care provider before taking any medication. In addition, it is important to remember that the right dose of ibuprofen for a sore throat is different from one for adults. If you’re not sure what to take, make sure to check the label to make sure you’re taking the proper amount.

If you have a severe sore throat, it may be caused by a bacterial infection. In such cases, you can seek medical attention and consider using antibiotics. However, antibiotics will not help viral sore throats.


Lozenges to get rid of a cold can help to relieve a sore throat. These medications can help you to swallow less food and reduce inflammation in the throat. Patients reported feeling relief almost immediately after taking them, and pain was significantly reduced at five minutes after the first dose. Previous studies have not included this assessment timepoint.

You can also use home remedies to get relief, such as gargling with warm salt water. The salt helps to kill bacteria and loosen mucus, which in turn helps to reduce inflammation. You can do this several times a day until your sore throat goes away. Alternatively, honey contains antibacterial properties and can be mixed with warm water or tea. The best honey to use is Manuka honey, but this is not available everywhere.

If the sore throat persists, you may need to see a doctor for further evaluation. The doctor can prescribe antibiotics if your symptoms do not improve after a few days. A sore throat caused by a virus will usually go away on its own, but if you have bacteria in your throat, you should visit the doctor to get an antibiotic.

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